Viewing the variables and templates used on the pages

Article ID: 163
Last updated: 30 Aug, 2011

In order to view the variables which are used on the pages there is a debugging console included with Smarty. The console informs you about all the included templates, assigned variables and config file variables for the current invocation of the template.

To enable the debugging console:
  1. Log in to your administration panel, open the Administration tab and click on the Settings link.
  2. Select the Template debugging console check box on the opened page and click on the Save button to save the changes.
  3. From now on when you load the page, a JavaScript console window should pop up and give you the names of all the included templates and assigned variables for the current page.
    NOTE: In order to display it in the storefront you need to be logged in as the administrator there.
To know what template files are used for certain elements on the storefront pages:
  1. Open the Design tab and click on the Design mode link.
  2. Enable the customization mode and click on the View STOREFRONT in customization mode. link.
  3. By hovering over the icon of notebook and pencil above each page element you will be able to see the name and location of the used templates. Also by clicking on the appeared path you will be able to edit the templates using Template Editor.
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