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Last updated: 03 Apr, 2013
To create a Pick Up shipping method, which would allow you to allow people local to you to pick up their orders from your business for free or for a smaller fee than compared to normal shipping methods, follow below.
1.       First, you will need to know the Post Codes for the suburbs locally around you that you want to provide the option of order ‘Pick Up’ for. Write them down. 
2.       Go to ‘Shipping & Taxes’ and select ‘Locations’
3.       Click ‘Add Location’
4.       Name the New Location, and select Australia from the Countries list and move it to the left using the left arrow. Select the State you are in and move it to the left using the left arrow. Specify the post codes, one on each line, that you want to provide this service to. An example of the setup for this is shown in the image below:




5.       Once you’ve confirmed the details here, please click ‘Create And Close’. 
6.       Now we need to create the actual Shipping Method so that the customers local to you in the post codes you specified have the Pick Up option. 
To do this, hover your mouse over ‘Shipping & Taxes’ and select ‘Shipping Methods’.
7.       Click ‘Add Shipping Method’ up the top right.
8.       Fill in at least the below fields:
a.       Name
b.      Delivery Time (Use this field to specify the times that they can come and collect the order from you)
c.       Taxes (if needed)
Click Create once you’re done filling out the information. 



9.       Once you’ve clicked Create, and your page refreshes, you will see the Shipping charges tab. Click the Shipping charges tab, and then select the Name of the Location that you created for the Pick Up post codes. In this guide, I’ve created it with the name ‘Pick Up Post Codes’ as shown below:



10.   To make it so that the Pick Up shipping method has no cost, click on Add Cost Dependencies:



11.   Then enter in the below information:



NOTE: If you want to make it so that it costs a certain amount to pick up the order instead of being free, you would replace the 0 highlighted by a red box to the amount you want to charge for the Pick Up option. 
12.    Click Create, and your Cost Dependencies section should look like the below:



13.   Click Save, and then check your work by going to your website, adding a product to your Cart, and continuing through to the Checkout, ensuring you change your Customer Shipping/Billing address to one of the post codes you’re providing the Pick Up option for. 



Note: The “Total: $0.00” means that it will cost $0.00 for the Shipping method. Not the total. See below for how it shows up for the customer once they click Continue. 



If the Pick Up option doesn’t show up, please check your Shipping & Taxes >> Locations settings and confirm the post code you used is one of the post codes listed. Also, check that you successfully saved the change made in Steps 10 to 12. If you have any further issues, please contact Support by email via support@magicdust.com.au with the subject as: “Example.com.au – Pick Up option”, where Example.com.au is replaced by your Website name. 
If you have any recommendations on how to improve this guide, please comment and let us know!

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