Adding the 'Manufacturer' Product Feature

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2011

To add the 'Manufacturer' product feature:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Catalog > Product features
  2. Click the Add feature button on the right and specify the following fields in the opened Add new feature window:
    1. Name - enter Manufacturer.
    2. Position - enter the feature position.
    3. Description - enter the feature description (it will be displayed if a customer clicks on ? link under the Features tab on the product details page on the storefront).
    4. Type - select the Selectbox > Text feature type.
    5. Group - select the group to which the feature will be applied (in order not to apply the feature to any group leave None).
    6. Product - select if you want to display the feature on product details pages.
    7. Catalog pages - select if you want to display the feature on product list pages.
    8. Prefix - enter the feature prefix.
    9. Suffix - enter the feature suffix.

  3. Open the Variants tab and specify the necessary manufacturers.
  4. Click the Create button.

To specify a manufacturer for a product:

  1. Open the product details page (click on the Products link under the Catalog tab and click on the desired product link).
  2. Click on the Features tab.
  3. Select the necessary manufacturer in the Manufacturer feature list and click the Save button.
    NOTE: To add a product filter so that it could filer products by manufacturer, read the Adding a product filter article.

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