Adding Images to Product Options that change the Main Product Image when clicked

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Last updated: 13 Jul, 2013

Before watching this video, make sure you're in the right article - You can check this by looking at the end result which is shown in this example product on our demo site: http://demo.magicdustsupport.com/eshop/clickable-product-options-images.html

When you click the thumbnail (small) images, you'll see it changes the main product image.  This is also for the Select Menu as well.  This method tracks the inventory for your products too. 

Once you've followed the video below, you really need to watch the next video below as well to learn how to manage your combination stock levels (You can do it during the setup first time, but the next video shows you how to do this after you've already implemented this). 

Note: Videos don't have audio. 

End result product on the Demo Website: http://demo.magicdustsupport.com/eshop/tshirt.html

How to manage your inventory for the product combinations (eg, Red Small, Blue Small, Red Medium, Blue Medium, etc) video:

If you have any issues with this, please let us know by emailing support@magicdust.com.au and we'll help you out!

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