Setting up PayPal Express Checkout

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Last updated: 09 Nov, 2013

To set up your eShop with PayPal Express Checkout:

First, you will need a "PayPal Business" account with PayPal (Personal Premier works fine too).  Log in to your PayPal account and then follow the below instructions:

1.  In your PayPal account, click on "Profile".

2.  Click on "My selling tools". 

3. Find where it says "API Access" and click "Update".

4.  Click "Request API credentials"

5. Ensure "Request API signature" is selected. 

6.  Click "Agree and Submit". 

7.  After copying and pasting the content from this page into a notepad or Microsoft Word document (or something similar), click "Done" to continue. 

8.  After clicking "Done" (above), you should end up on the follow page shown below.  Click "Enable PayPal Express Checkout". 

9.  Ensure 'Accept PayPal payments....' radio button is selected.

10.  Click Submit. 

After doing the above, you should see a notification saying 'You have successfully changed your preferences'.  After seeing this, log out of your PayPal Account, then log in to your eShop admin panel. 

11.  Hover your mouse over "Administration". 

12.  Click on "Payment Methods". 

13.  Click the "Add Payment" button. 

14.  Fill out the resulting page.  You should name your PayPal Express Checkout payment method one of the following:

PayPal    PayPal Express    PayPal Express Checkout   

Processor: Select "PayPal Express Checkout"

14.1 OPTIONAL:  Choose whether or not to add a Description.  This will be displayed at the checkout.  You can always edit this later. 

15. Click on the "Configure" tab. 

Fill out the resulting page using the information in your Notepad or Microsoft Word document. Copy and Paste your Username, Password and Signature into their respective fields.  

PayPal authentication method: Ensure you select the "Signature" radio button.

Currency: Ensure you choose Australian Dollar. 

Test/Live mode: Change to "Live" otherwise your set up will not work.

16.  Double check your settings!  Ensure there are no spaces at the start or end of your Username, Password and Signature fields. 

17.  After checking your work, click "Create". 

18.  Double check the payment method works!  Do a test order to yourself - you will need to pay using your Credit Card or you can use a PayPal account which is NOT the same PayPal account which would be receiving the test amount.  After confirming everything works, you're all set! 

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