How do I set up eWay?

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Last updated: 28 Jan, 2013

 1. You will need to have an eWay account prior to setting up eWay as a payment method. Visit their website at eWay.com.au, for details.  (What is eWay?)

2. You will also need an SSL certificate.  If you do not have one, contact Admin@magicdust.com.au to purchase one.
3. Login in to your administration panel.
4. Click on Administration > Payment Methods
5. Click on Add Payment. A new window will pop up.
6. In the name field type: eWAY
7. From the processor drop down select: eWAY
8. Enter the necessary description and surcharge values into the corresponding input fields, upload an image if necessary.
9. In the same window, go to the Configure tab. This will open a section with eWAY settings. You will need to have a eWAY ID. Click here for information on how to get an eWAY ID.
10. In the Client ID field enter your eWAY ID number
11.In the order prefix. Add a prefix which will reference your website, if you need to. For example if you have multiple websites accepting payments on this eWAY account.
12.Select Live mode. In order to use the Test mode you need to get additional accounts at eWAYSandbox.
13.Click CREATE.

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