How do I set up the Westpac payment method?

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2013

 You will need to have a merchant account set up with Westpac in order to use this payment method.

1. Login in to your administration panel.

2. Click on Administration > Payment Methods

3. Click on Add Payment.  A new window will pop up.

4. In the name field enter the name you would like the payment method to be called (e.g. "Credit Card")

5. In the processor field, select Westpac

6. In the description field you can enter the credit card types accepted as this appears next to the payment title providing users with additional information (see screenshot below).



7. Click on Configure

8. The Cart will auto generate 3 URL’s which will need to be inserted into the Westpac Administration area, which will

enable the cart to exchange data with Westpac.

9. Add your Westpac Merchant ID, Biller Code, Encryption Key.

9. Select Live mode. In order to use the Test mode you need to get additional accounts at Sandbox.

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