How do I edit my sidebar?

 When you receive your eWeb 2.0 website from Magicdust, you may notice that many of your pages have a sidebar next to your main content area. Here is an example:

The sidebar is an area of your site where you can place content that will appear on every page. Common uses for the sidebar include menus, 'Contact Us' buttons or customer Testimonials.

To edit the contents of your sidebar, log in to your site's dashboard and go to Appearence > Widgets. To edit your sidebar you will be using widgets. For more information on widgets see this support article and the included help videos.

Inside the Widgets page you will see the above screen, with a list of Available Widgets on the left, and several widget areas on the right.

Your sidebar is one of these widget areas. In most sites, where there is only one sidebar, the Sidebar 1 widget area will be the widget area that contains your sidebar contents.

In our example at the top of the page, you will see that we have an Image, a Testimonial and a Text Box. In the Widgets page this sidebar looks like this:

You can see that our example sidebar is created using an Image Widget, which can be used to add an image to any Widget Area, a Magicdust Testimonials widget, which can be used to display your Testimonials, and a Text widget, which you can use to add plain text wherever you want.

To change the contents of your sidebar, you can simply drag any widget from the Available Widgets area into the Sidebar 1 widget area. Some examples of widgets are:

To remove a widget from the sidebar, simply drag it back into the Available Widgets area. Or, if you want to keep the content from a particular widget to use later, simply drag it into the Inactive Widgets area. You can then drag the widget back into the sidebar at any time, with all your content and settings intact.

To change the contents of the sidebar for a single page only, see this support article.

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Last updated: 23 Jul, 2013
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