Price Based Shipping

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Last updated: 31 Aug, 2011
Price based shipping allows you to assign shipping rates to using the combined price of products in an order.

For our example, we will be charging rates using the following ranges:

- $0 to $50, $10;
$50 to $100, $7;
- $100 to $150$5;
$150 to $200$2;

  1. Click on Shipping/Taxes and then Shipping Methods.
  2. Select 'Add Shipping Method'.
  3. Fill in your method name (eg. Australia Post Regular).
  4. You may also then enter in a Delivery Time, if you would like (eg. 5 - 6 Business Days).
  5. NOTE: The Delivery Time will show for the client when they are checking out.
  6. Weight Limit - leave this blank, as we will not be using weights.
  7. Tick the GST box if tax will apply to your shipping method.
  8. Press the Save button. Your method will be saved and the page will reload.
  9. Above the method name, there is a tab called Shipping Charges. Click this to enter your rates.
  10. Select Australia as your location.
  11. Under the Cost Dependencies section is where we will be adding the rates.
    1. For 'More than $0' enter the rate as $10.
    2. Click on the 'Add Cost Dependencies' button.
    3. Add your cost and rate into the fields Eg. More than $ '50'  '7' Absolute.
    4. This will mean that anything above $50 will be charged $7.
    5. Continue through for the rest of the rates, until you have the following table setup:
    6. Once you have done so, you can then press Save down the bottom of the page to complete the setup.

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