Verifying your website with Google

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Last updated: 11 Jul, 2013

Verification of your website ensures that Google is aware of your site. In layman's terms, verification lets Google know you're alive. The process is simple, follow the steps below to verify your site:

1. Sign up to Google Webmaster tools. This service is free and can be found here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/

2. Click the Add a site... button.

3. Type the URL of your website, without the www 

4. Select the drop down option for Verification Method and select Upload an HTML file to your server. Right click and save the verification HTML file. Do not change the file name of this file.

Please DO NOT select the meta tag option as this is unstable and often does not result in successful verification.

5. Attach the HTML verification file to an email and send it to support@magicdust.com.au. A member of our support team will upload this file to your website for you. You will receive a reply shortly after stating that this has been done. When you receive this reply, return to Google Webmaster Tools and hit the Verify button

6. You should now see a verification completed message. Your site is now verified with Google and will be indexed shortly. 

If you have any problems with or questions about the verification process, please email support@magicdust.com.au

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