How do I edit my footer?

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Many Magicdust eWeb 2.0 websites come with this great footer area at the bottom of each page that allows you to put the most important information that you want your customers to see within reach no matter where they are on the site. Common things to put in this 'fat footer', as it's called, are navigtion menus, contact information and links to your presence on various social networking sites. Here are some simple examples:

These footers are built using 'widgets', you can edit these widgets by logging in to your Dashboard and going to Appearance > Widgets. For more information on widgets see this support article and the included help videos.

Inside the Widgets page you will see the above screen, with a list of Available Widgets on the left, and several widget areas on the right. Your footer comprises several of these widget areas, specifically the EZ Fat Footer widget areas, with the number following the # indicating the column. Therefore footers with 4 columns will have 4 widget areas titled  EZ Fat Footer #1 - #4.

You can edit the content of your footer by editing these widgets. Here is a list of common footer features and how to edit them:


Footer columns that feature a list of pages contain a Custom Menu widget. In the widget there is a dropdown to choose which menu to display. These correspond to menus created in Appearence > Menus. For more information on creating and editing menus see this article.

Contact Information

Footer columns that contain contact information are usually Text widgets. To edit this information simply expand the widget area and the widget contained within (using the little grey arrows) and enter your contact information into the text box. If you wish to have more advanced formatting like font colour and bold & italic options, consider replacing the Text widget with a Black Studio TinyMCE widget. This widget works just like a text widget, however you get more advanced text editing options.

Social Networking Icons

Footer columns that contain social network icons contain Image Widgets that hold the icon images. To reorder the icons simply drag the image widgets into the order you desire.

To link the icons to the correct place, expand the Image Widget and enter the correct URL to your page on the social network into the Link field. In the dropdown underneath you can also choose whether the user who clicks the icon opens the site in a new window, or in the current window. We recommend setting it to Open in a New Window, to make sure that your visitors don't leave your site by accident.

It is important to note that if you wish to have your icons line up horizontally, the Align dropdown should be set to Left on every icon.

More information on linking these icons is available here.


These are not the only widgets that can be used in the footer, and some of our customers have different items in here, like a map or mailing list form. If you are one of these customers, try looking to see what widget is being used in that footer column. If you can't figure out how to use the widget being used feel free to contact Magicdust Support and we'll do what we can to help you set it up the way you want.

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