How do I create an image gallery?

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

This information applies only to sites built after 24th October 2012. If your site was built before this date and you would like your Gallery to work this way, just contact Magicdust Support and we'll set it up for you. If you wish to stick with the old system, please read this article instead.

Every Magicdust eWeb 2.0 website comes with the tools you need to create a really nice thumbnail gallery.

To get started open up the page you want to add your gallery to. When editing this page you should see a button labelled Upload/Insert that looks like this:

Click this image to bring up the Add Media screen, which you can use to insert images or other media into the page. To use it to create an image gallery, follow these steps:

Upload Your Images

Either click the Select Files button to choose the image files you wish to put in your gallery or simply drag them into the Drop files here area.

When you do this you will see your images start to upload.

Once your images are uploaded, you will see that a Show link appears next to each image. Click on this link to see more information about an image and give it a title and description. When creating a Gallery the most important thing is to give each image a title. Simply click the Show link next to each image to expand it, and enter a title.

Once you have entered titles for each of your images scroll to the bottom of the Add Media screen and click the Save all changes.

Set Up Your Gallery

When you click Save all changes all your titles will be applied and you will be taken to the Gallery tab, which looks like this:

For most sites the default settings will be just what you need. However if you wish you can change the order of the images in the gallery and the number of thumbnail columns there will be. It is important however to make sure that Link thumbnails to is set to Image File. This makes sure that when you click on the thumbnail you get the awesome lightbox effect.

Insert Your Gallery

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Insert gallery. That will place this into your page:

This is a representation of your gallery. Use it as a guide if you want to add content to your page before or after your gallery. You can also edit your gallery by clicking on it and then clicking the Edit Gallery button in the top left corner. This will bring up the Add Media screen with the Gallery tab open. Here you can delete an image from the gallery or change its title, just click the Show link next to the image you want to modify.

To delete the gallery, click on the gallery box and then click the red circle with a line through it.

Now all you need to do is Update or Publish your page. Once your page is published you should see something like this:

Click on the thumbnail to view the image full size inside a 'light box'.

Here you can see the full size image and the title you gave it. You can also click the right side of the image to go to the next image, or the left side to go to the previous image.

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