How do I edit a widgetised home page?

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Editing the Widgetised Home Page

Unlike other pages the Widgetised Home Page is not edited by going to Pages from the Dashboard. Instead the Widgetised Home Page content is managed by going to Appearance > Widgets from the Dashboard.

Most Magicdust websites allow the editing of the Sidebar and Footer, as well as some other areas, depending on the theme, via Widgets, however sites with a Widgetised Home Page also allow the editing of the home page via Widgets.

Widget areas on the home page will have names like EZ Home Slider, EZ Home Top #1, EZ Home Bottom #1 etc. The name of the widget will let you know which row the widget is on, and the number will tell you what column it is, from left to right.

From top the bottom, the order of the home page widget areas is:

EZ Feature Top
EZ Home Slider
EZ Home Top
EZ Home Middle
EZ Home Bottom

Not every site will have every one of these widget areas, for example if a site's home page has only 4 rows, the EZ Home Middle widget areas will not be present.

When in doubt about what content is in what widget area, just go to Appearence > Widgets and expand the homepage widget areas to see what content they contain. Simply edit these widgets to edit your homepage.

For more information on adding and editing widgets, see the bundled help videos and this support article.

Editing the Welcome Content

When inspecting the widgets that construct the home page, you will notice that the welcome content appears to be an 'Excerpt' widget. This widget is used to display an excerpt of a page, or excerpts from one or more blog posts.

To edit the content of this page, look at the widget options and if the first box is set to 'Display A Featured Page', then the page that is picked in 'Page To Display' further down is the page that this content is coming from.

To edit the welcome text you would then go to Pages from the Dashboard and find the page that was listed under 'Page To Display'. If you are editing your site for the first time, this is usually called 'Welcome' or 'Welcome to [Your Business Name]'.

The More Button

One thing to be aware of is the 'More' button. When editing the page you will see a line through the content. Content above this line will appear on the home page, while content below this page will only appear when the user clicks the more button on the home page.

If you don't want a more button, just click on the little 'More' tab on the line and press Delete. Now all the content of the page will appear on the Widgetised Home Page. To add the more button back in, just place your cursor where you want the break to happen, and click this button:

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