How to download Magicdust Connect (TeamViewer)

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2015

Magicdust Connect is a remote desktop application, which allows us to remotely access your computer so we can see what's on your screen.  This helps us greatly when trying to troubleshoot the more difficult issues.  If we've asked you to download Magicdust Connect before calling us, or have been directed to on the phone, please follow the relevant link below to download the correct version of Magicdust Connect (TeamViewer) for your computer's Operating System. 

For linux based computers, download Teamviewer Version 7 from this page:  http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx

If we've asked you to call us after downloading and installing the program, please call us when you see the below image, with a randomized set of numbers.  You can contact us on 1300 309 379 and selecting Support from the keypad menu. 

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