Google Analytics - Why should I set it up and how?

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Google Analytics 

Setting up Google Analytics will allow you to see lots of useful information relating to your website.  This information includes:

-How people are getting to your website; from which websites, and which search engines

-What people are typing in to get to your website from search engines.

-The number of unique visitors to your website and more!

To check out the features of Google Analytics please go to:  http://www.google.com.au/analytics

You will need to create an account and before you can proceed with getting Google Analytics set up, you will need to verify your website with Google if you haven't already.  Please follow the guide located here: http://magicdustsupport.com/kb2/entry/204/ to verify your website with Google. 

Once your website is verified and you are ready to set up Google Analytics, please follow the guide located here:  http://magicdustsupport.com/kb2/entry/301/

Please note: Google Analytics is a Google product, so we can not assist in doing anything on the Google Webmaster Tools website, but we can help you with placing the Google Analytics  tracking  and   conversion  codes onto your website.

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