Using an image from your Media Library

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

If you’ve already uploaded the image at some point to your website, your image will most likely be inside your Media Library already, which means you don’t need to upload it again!

To use an image from your Media Library on your page, see below. 

Using what we’ve learned earlier (link to first images article), we know we need to click on the page where you want the image to be inserted, then clicking Upload/Insert. The below window should show up.

Click on ‘Media Library’ (highlighted by a red box). 

Clicking on Media Library shows the 10 most recent photos you’ve uploaded on the page. 
Clicking “Show” will bring up all the usual information about your image. Give the image a caption if you want, choose the image alignment, choose the image size then click “Insert Into Post”. Then your image will show up where you want it to be located.  
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