I can't access my website or emails!

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Last updated: 28 Jun, 2013

I can’t see my website or access my emails!

There are a number of potential reasons why your website might not be showing up or your emails are not coming through.  Below are the most common reasons why and how to fix them, and if you’ve tried the below and still can’t access what you need to, please call us on 1300 309 379 and select Support (option 3) from the keypad menu. 

The most common reason this occurs is when someone on your network (eg, all devices on your home network, or all devices on your business network) tries to access the editing side of your website with either the incorrect username or password, or occurs when you or someone on your network is setting up an email account with the incorrect details.  Even if you don’t think it’s possible or you didn’t make a mistake, a large majority of the time, this is the case.  The system then thinks you’re a hacker trying to guess your password to fraudulently gain access and prevents anyone from your network from seeing the website or accessing the server the website is located on. 

To prevent this, ensure your ‘caps lock’ key is not on when you’re entering in your password, you know the correct password, and if after 3-4 attempts you still can’t log in or set up your email address, give us a call and we’ll help you out. 

If you already can’t access your website, your login page and your emails are no longer being received (and possibly sent), you might be what’s known as ‘blacklisted’ which means your entire network, not just the one computer, phone or tablet, will not be able to access the server – and as a result, you stop getting access to your website and emails.  Don’t stress though, because both are still up and running in the background, you’re still receiving emails, your website is still active and generating leads / sales, and once you get yourself removed from the blacklist, your emails you missed will be received. 

To restore access to your website and emails again, you need to go to http://magicdust.com.au/ip/ and if outside of office hours, send an email to support@magicdust.com.au with the subject of ‘Blacklisted?  YourWebsiteName.com.au’ letting us know which website you’re from, and that you can’t access your website or emails and what your IP address is and when we get in the next day, we’ll get back to you shortly.  This way, if you get blacklisted over the weekend, since you can’t call up, we will be able to remove you from the blacklist.

The other relatively common reason this occurs, is when you don't pay your Domain Name Renewal fee from whoever you purchased your domain name from. To check who it's currently with, you can do what's known as a 'who is' lookup. 

http://www.whois.com/whois/ - Enter your domain name WITHOUT the http:// and the www. and just enter in everything after the http://www. eg, website http://www.example.com.au - To do a who is lookup for this domain name, you'd only enter in "example.com.au". 
The key part here is the "Status: " field.  If it says  Status:   ServerHold(expired)   then your domain name has expired.  The Registrar ID thankfully is shown above and that field shows who you registered your domain name with, or who the domain name is currently registered with. 

You can always call us on:

Phone: 1300 309 379 (option 3 for support)

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