Creating your first Digital Download

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Last updated: 22 Jan, 2014

This article will show you, with screenshots, how to create your first Digital Download and then how to link to the product page or place buttons on your page to purchase the product. 

1.  Click Downloads in your left hand side menu. 

2.  Click 'Add New'.  The two locations of this button are shown below in red boxes. 

3.  Name your Digital Download file, and give it a description. 

4.  Scrolling down the page, give your product a Price, a File Name and once you've done that, click "Upload a File". 

5.  Upload your file, and once you've done so, click "Use This File". 

6.  The last step is to categorise your Digital Download.  You start off with no categories by default.  It's recommended you categorise your Digital Downloads.  To do this, follow the below.  This section can be seen on the right hand side of your screen below the Blue "Publish" button. 

7.  Double check your work.  A checklist is shown in the below image.  Once you've checked your settings, go ahead and click "Publish".  (This may say "Update" if you're editing an existing product). 

8.  Once you've clicked Publish, your page will refresh. You should then see the below at the top of your page.  Double check your work now by clicking "View Download".  This will take you to the Product page. 

9.  The Product Page is shown below (a snippet of it at least).  Once you've checked your work and everything looks good, click "Edit Download" to go back to the editing side of your Digital Download. 

10.  Now you've checked all your work, you should select "All Downloads" on the left hand side. 

Once you've done this, you have two options on how to display the product on your website.  You can direct people to the Product Page, or you can add a Purchase button for that product to your page. 

Click either of the below to be directed to the relevant section of this guide:

Direct people / Link to Product Page with text amongst your content

Add Purchase button to a page

If you want to use text on your page(s) to take your customers directly to your Product Page for your Digital Download, follow the below. 

1.  Go to All Downloads section.  Hover your Mouse over your Digital Download.  Click 'View' to be taken directly to your Product Page. 

2.  Whilst on your product page, we're going to Copy the Link URL to go directly to this page. 

3.  Select the text on your page that you would like to link to the page with your mouse. 

4.  This is where we paste the Link URL we copied earlier from the Product Page (step #2).  Click Add Link once you've filled out the relevant information. 

Your page should now look like something this.  Click 'Update' to save your changes. 

5.  Check your work! 

If you want to put a Purchase button on one of your pages, first, navigate to the editing side of the page you wish to add this button to.  Then follow the below. 

1.  Click on the 'Insert Download' button shown below. 

2.  Choose your Download.  Choose a Style.  If you chose 'button for the style, you will have to choose a colour for the button.  Lastly, enter the text you want to appear on the button. You'll end up with something like the below:

Below shows the different methods; "link text" and "button" and the different button colours. 

The first button below 'About Us' is the 'Text link' option.  The rest are the different colours of the 'button' option.  Click this link to view the alternate method of linking text to your product page. 

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