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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Categorise your Digital Downloads

To use Categories, click on Categories. An example is shown below:

Then once you click 'Add New Category' it shows up to the right as shown below:


Then go to your product and categorise it by checking the checkbox for the category name, on the far right hand side of the product editing page


To add products, go to Add New in the LHS menu under Downloads, or on the All Downloads page, click Add New next to the title 'All Downloads'.

The Title and Description can be seen on the Download page shown below:



You can use a shortcode to place the product '$XX.XX - Purchase' blue button or whatever it's been styled to on a page. The only issue with this I guess would be if the sidebar for this page has been determined by a Widget Area or something instead of having the styling for the Digital Downloads Cart, both shown below:


Confirmation Pages

The Confirmation page is shown below, and the dialog box that opens up when you click on the File Name (in the example below,it's "File Name Here"). As you can see, the download link doesn't navigate them away from the page. So you can click Save File, and then choose the second download link and click Save File.

The way the plugin secures the file from being downloaded is that it has a TTL (Time To Live) which can be changed. The default, if nothing is specified, is 24 hours. The time needs to be entered in hours if you wish to change it to 48 or 72 hours.


The obvious problem here is if the customer doesn't immediately download the file, or enters the wrong email and as a result doesn't get the link we have to fix it for them.

The fix for both of these is to go to Payment History and hover your mouse over the customers email address, then...

Forgot to click download within the time frame:

Clicking Resend Purchase Receipt, this SHOULD (as far as we're aware and can logically think) that it will resend a new link with a new 24 hour time frame or the old link with a new 24 hour time frame.

Entered in the wrong email address:

  1. Click edit and change the email address.
  2. Click Update Payment. Your page will incredibly quickly refresh, as if nothing has changed. There's no notification saying it's done. So click 'Go Back' at the top 'Editing Payment: Customer Name - # ### -
  3. Click Resend Purchase Receipt. On testing this, from my Outlook to my Gmail account, the Outlook account received it successfully without any issues into it's normal Inbox, BUT the Gmail account moved it automatically to the Spam folder. Be careful with this. We should check this out for Hotmail, and other accounts. If the customer hasn't received it, tell them to check their junk and/or spam folders.

If the email address gets changed, and they then find the old email and try to use that link, they will receive the below error:


NOTE: This might be the same for if they forgot to download within the time frame issue as well.

They can export data by going to Downloads >> Reports and clicking on the Export tab and selecting the relevant export option shown below:


Discount Codes

Discount codes function pretty muchas you'd expect, but the setup is all on one page. This is just for a discount. Not free products for X amount of purchases etc. It's handled in a separate section labelled 'Discount Codes'. Below are images for the process on how to set up and how the bonus is applied and such.



It seems that once you type in a discount code that is an actual code, it automatically applies it. This means you should probably make them more complicated than just a letter or two, and not the first few letters of the website or something easily guessed.

Purchase Confirmation Page WITH a Discount applied shows up like this:


Product Page with a single downloadable product that has two documents instead of just one.

Purchase Confirmation Page with a product with two different documents (think, Chapters, Versions, Revisions, extras could be added to the product like this) to download.


The email they receive is shown here (in Gmail):

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