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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Before we continue, we need to determine if your Home Page’s content is edited inside Pages >> Home Page / Welcome to X (Where X is your company name) or if it’s edited inside Appearance >> Widgets.  To figure this out, follow the process shown below, and then select the relevant article link for how to edit your home page.

To check this, first, go to Pages >> All Pages and select the page named Home (Sometimes named Home Page or Welcome to CompanyName). 


Notice here how the text shown in the editing side of the Home page is not shown at all on the home page.  This means your home page is known as a Widgetised Home Page, and to edit this, you should continue onto ‘How do I edit a Widgetised Home Page?

If your home page has no content displayed inside of Pages – Home / Welcome to X (Where X is your company name), you can continue onto how to edit a page, because you will be editing your home page as if it was a normal text and image content page, and you should continue onto ‘How do I edit the content of my Pages?

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