Setting up the Direct Debit payment method

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Last updated: 09 Nov, 2013

This article explains how to activate, and then edit the required areas for efficient handling of Direct Debit payments in your eShop4.0. 

By default, your website already has a 'shell' of the Direct Debit payment method already setup.  The first step, is to edit the default information and enter in your Bank Details.  To do this, follow the below.

1.  Navigate to Administration > Payment Methods.

2.  Click on Direct Debit to begin editing this Payment Method. 

3.  In the Payment Instructions section, please edit this and enter in your details as needed.  The below has been entered for you already.

4.  Once you're done editing, double check your work and click Save once you're happy with it. 

5.  Activate the Direct Debit payment method. Click 'Disabled' and then choose 'Active'. 

Now we need to edit the email notification that people receive after placing their order, which, ideally, would also have this bank account information in along with a contact number and/or email address so that if they run into any issues, they can get in contact with you. 

To edit this email notification, go to Administration > Order statuses.

6.  Click on the Open order status to begin editing. 

7.  In the E-mail header area, edit this to display a message of some sort to your customers.  Only customers that pay by a method such as Direct Debit, or Phone Ordering will have their orders be automatically assigned the Open order status, so tailor this message to cater for that. 

It's recommended to enter here the Direct Debit information they will need again, in case they lost the information or can't pay immediately, along with some ways of getting in contact with you. 

Thank you for the order!  Please make your payment at your earliest convenience through to the below bank account, and in the Transaction Description, please use your last name so that we can link the order with the payment. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on (##) #### #### or on (mobile) #### ### ###, or by email on Your Email Address Here

8.  Click Save. 

9.  Do a test run using a product using your own valid email address. Add it to your cart, proceed to checkout, checkout using the Direct Debit payment method, and view the resulting Thank You page and the information presented, along with the email you should receive after placing the order.  If these are both to your liking, great, if not, go back and edit by following the steps above.

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