How to create a new content page

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Last updated: 13 Nov, 2013

To create a new content page in your eShop 4.0 website, follow the below.

1.  Navigate to Website > Content.

2.  Click the + symbol and then select Add page

3.  Parent Page:  If this is a completely separate page/topic, leave Parent Page as -Root level page-.  If the page you're creating is to be a sub-page of a page that you've already created, click on the drop down menu and change -Root level page- and select the name of the page you want this to be listed as a sub-page. 

Name:  Name the page.  This is what the title of the page will display.

Description: Enter in your content, images, etc into this section. 

Once you're done, click Create and Close to return to the Content page list.

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