Creating a Variable Product

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Last updated: 04 Dec, 2013

Creating a Variable Product

This article will show you the steps required to create a new variable product, that is, a product with options, for example a tshirt with different colours and sizes.  Login to your website admin panel and then follow the below.

1.  Navigate to Products > Add Products.


2.  Enter in a Name for the product, and a description for the product.  Both of these will show on the product page that the customer sees.  


3.  Scroll down the page until you find the 'Product Data' section.  In the Product Data section, click on the drop down menu and select Variable Product.  

4.  In the General Tab, enter in your SKU (product code).  If your product is not taxable, change the Tax Status from 'Taxable' to the appropriate option. 

5.  In the Inventory tab, you should not need to change anything, but view the settings here and change any if applicable.  

6.  In the Shipping tab, enter in the weight of your item in kilograms in decimal form to two decimal places.  Eg, 1kg would be 1.00, 1.5kg would be 1.50, 500grams would be 0.50, and 10grams would be 0.01.

7.  In the Attributes tab, click on the 'Add' button.  

8.  Enter in the Name of your option, eg, Size.  Ensure you select the two checkboxes below the name.  
For your actual options, eg, small, medium, large, and so on, you need to name these exactly as you want them to display in the drop down menu, separated by a pipe (|).

  9.  Repeat the process for any other options.  An example setup is shown below for the options of Size and Colour.  

10.  You will need to publish your product before we can add the Variation combinations (eg, small and white, medium and red, etc).  Scroll up and on the right hand side, you'll see the below.  Click Publish.

11.  Scroll back down to the Product Data section and click on the Variations tab.  
Click on 'Link all variations' to have the system automatically create each variation for you of small white, medium white, large white, small red, medium red, etc.  

12.  When the below message shows up, click OK.

13.  Your page will now have the below section available.  Enter in the SKU (product code) for the specific combination (eg, ExampleSKU-LargeRed).  Enter in the Stock Qty you have available, the price you're selling it at and the weight of the product in kilograms.
Ensure the 'Enabled' checkbox is selected.

14.  Next, add an image to the product variation.  If you're familiar with uploading products, proceed to step #18

Click on the thumbnail highlighted below.  

15.  If you already have the image in your media library, click on media library and continue as per normal.  If not, click 'Select Files' to start the process of uploading an image from your computer.  

16.  Click to select the name of the image you want to upload, and then click Open.

17.  You should now see the image in your Media Library and already selected.  Click 'Set variation image'. 

18.  Your Variations tab should look something like the below after uploading your images and your product type specific information entered.  

19.  Scroll up the page and select the box for the category you wish to add it to.  If you need to create a new category, do so by clicking 'Add New Product Category'.  

20.  Click 'Update'. 

End result:

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