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Last updated: 27 Dec, 2013

This article is to give you an idea of how the system is intended to be used when you start receiving orders.

Order Statuses In Brief

First off, it's important to understand what each of the Order Statuses are used for.  For information on how to edit your Order Status email notifications to your customers, please view this article (will open in a new tab): How to edit your Order Statuses.

Open:  Order has been placed, but the payment has not yet been received.  This is the case for Phone Ordering and Direct Debit / Bank Transfer.

Processed:  Order has been placed, payment has been received and the order is ready to be shipped.  This is the case for orders where the payment has been received through Phone Ordering or Direct Debit / Bank Transfer, or for orders which the payment was made before the order was finalised, such as through PayPal or eWAY payment gateways.

Complete:  Order placed, payment received, order has been shipped.

As your order progresses through these Order Statuses, an email will be sent to the customer (set up by default) with the contents of Open (if applicable), Processed and Completed Order Statuses. To check these, navigate to Administration > Order Statuses, and ensure there is relevant content in each of the Open, Processed and Completed Order Statuses.

Processing Orders

Direct Debit / Bank Transfer and Phone Ordering

For these payment methods, bare in mind that the payments will generally take a few days to clear (depending on your bank).  Orders made with these payment methods will be set to the Open Order Status (order placed, payment not yet received) so once you receive the payment, you should set the Order Status to Processed (payment received, waiting to be shipped).

To do this, navigate to Orders > View Orders.

Click on the Order ID of the relevant order.

The below should show.  Click on the little downward pointing arrow to bring up the drop down menu which allows you to change the status of the order.  Change it from Open to Processed.  This automatically sends a second email (the first being the 'Open' Order Status email) to the customers' email address with the content of the 'Processed' Order Status.

Once you have shipped the order, you should repeat this process, but change the Order Status from Processed to Complete.  This will send the customer a final email based on the content of the 'Complete' Order Status.

PayPal / eWAY

For these payment methods, the process is similar to the above, with the exclusion of the step of changing the order from Open to Processed as the order will already be set to the 'Processed' Order Status.  Double check you've received the payment notification from PayPal/eWAY if you wish, and once you have shipped the order, follow the above process to change the Order Status from Processed to Complete which will send the customer a final email based on the content of the 'Complete' Order Status.

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