Step 1 - Creating the 'Wholesale' User Group

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Last updated: 23 Jan, 2014

This article will guide you through how to setup the 'Wholesale' user group in your eShop 4.0.  This is the first article in the Wholesale setup series.

1.  Hover over 'Customers' in the top navigation menu.

2.  Click to select 'User groups'.   

3.  Click the + to begin the creation of the new user group. 

4.  Name your user group appropriately.  Eg, 'Wholesale' if you plan on having one level of wholesale pricing only, or 'Wholesale level 1' if you will have different levels of discounts for different wholesale user groups. 

5.  Click 'Create'.

Link: Proceed to Step 2 - Setting up the Wholesale Application Form

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