Step 2 - Setting up the Wholesale Application Form

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Last updated: 23 Jan, 2014

This article will guide you through how to setup the Wholesale Application Form in your eShop 4.0.  This is the second article in the Wholesale setup series.

First navigate to your website front-end (what your customers will see).

1.  Find 'My Account' and then click on it. 

2.  Find 'Register' and then Right-click on it.

3.  Click the option of 'Copy Link Location'.  This will copy the URL/Link of the register page.  Now go to your word processing program of choice (Eg, Microsoft Word, Notepad, TextMate) and Paste this content.  We will need this later.

4. Login to your Administration Panel (/admin.php) and then hover your mouse over 'Website'.

5.  Click to select 'Content'. 

6. Click on the  + symbol.

7.  Click 'Add form'. 

8.  First name your page. 

In the description, you will want to enter in something like the below (copy and paste this if you wish).

You must register an account first - Click here to do so if you have not yet done so.

If you already have registered an account, please fill out the below information to apply to become a wholesaler.

9.  Bring up your word processor document which you pasted the URL/Link in earlier (in step 1-3) and Copy the content. 

To do this, first, highlight the text with your mouse, right click on the text and then click 'Copy'. 

10.  Go back to where you were editing your form page.  Highlight the word 'register' with your mouse.

11.  Once register is highlighted in blue (shown below) click on the 'Insert / Edit Link' button. 

12.  Right click into the 'Link URL' field. 

13.  Click 'Paste'.  This pastes the URL/Link you copied earlier. 

14.  Click on the downward pointing arrow shown below.

15.  Click to select 'Open in New Window (_blank).  This causes the link we're creating to open in a new tab/window - This means the customer can easily get back to the Wholesale Application Form as they still have the page open in a different tab/window. 

16.  Add a title to the link.  This will show when the link is hovered over. 

17.  Click 'Insert' to add your link to the page. 

18.  Do this again for the words 'Click here' if you used the italicised content shown in step 8.

19.  Your 'Description' section should look like the below.  Click 'Save'. 

20.  Click on the 'Form Builder' tab.

21.  Enter in the below content (or your adaptation of it) into the 'Form submit text', which is the content that will be displayed after the customer registering has submitted the form. 

Thanks for applying to become a wholesaler!  We will review your information and send you an email to let you know when/if your application has been successful. 

22.  Enter in the email address you want these notifications to come through to.  This should be identical to the email address used for the " (shown in Settings > Company -- Make sure you don't leave this page to find this out!). 
Having the email address for the Wholesale Application Form being the same as the User Department email address will ensure you can link up the correct customer account on your website to become a member of the wholesale user group (more on that later). 

Your page should look something like the below: 

23.  Now you need to create the fields you wish to request from the wholesaler applicant.

Recommended minimum fields are:
Company Name
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Contact Email Address
Please leave any comments or questions below.

You may want to also request a phone number or mobile number.

To create the fields you wish to collect, use the Form Builder and explanation below.

24.  Pos: This is the positioning column.  Set the first field you want to be displayed to have 1 in the Pos. column, the second field to have 2, and so on.  If you find you need additional fields or want to rearrange these, you can do so simply by changing the numbering order here. 

25.  Name:  The name of the field as will be displayed on the form.

26. By default 'Select box' is selected.  This isn't used much, so to change the Type of field, click the downward pointing arrow.

27.  For the ideal setup, we'll be using 'Input fields' for all fields EXCEPT for "Contact Email Address", which we'll be using 'Email' for (shown below with a red *) and the "Please leave any comments or questions below." field which we'll be using 'Text Area' for (shown below with an orange *)

28.  + Click this symbol to add a row below the current row being hovered with your mouse.

29.  After some setup, your page should look like the below (with or without your adaptations, if any).

30.  Click Save.

31.  View the page.  To do this, click on the Cogwheel Icon and then click 'Preview' to be taken to the page.

Double check the form by filling in some example details.  Ensure there are no errors, and double check you successfully receive the email with this information.  If you are on a temporary domain (any domain name / website name ending with '.mdz.com.au' instead of just '.com.au' you may not be able to test this.  Please make a big note to check this once your website has been taken live. 

End result:

This ends Step 2 of the Wholesale setup.  Step 3 explains the simple and more complex ways of providing discounts to your wholesale users. 

Link: Proceed to Step 3 - Linking the Wholesale Application Form page to your Menu(s)

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