Change your Contact Us form email address

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Last updated: 18 Jan, 2014

This article explains how to change your Contact Us form email address in eShop 2.0. 

1.  Hover your mouse over Website

2.  Click to select Content from the drop down menu.

3.  Click on the name of your contact form page.  By default, it will be named 'Contact us' and will have (form) next to it denoting it is a page with a form on. 

4.  Click on the 'Form builder' tab. 

5. Edit the 'E-mail to:' field with the correct email address.  Double check the spelling!

6.  Click Save.

7.  Click 'Preview' after you see the below green notice saying your changes have been saved to view your Contact us form page.  Fill out the form and submit it, then double check you actually receive the email! 

If you have any questions or issues, please email support@magicdust.com.au and one of our friendly Support team members will get back to you!

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