Step 3 - Linking the Wholesale Application Form page to your Menu(s)

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Last updated: 23 Jan, 2014

This article will guide you through how to link the wholesale application form page created earlier to your menu(s)  in your eShop 4.0. This is the third article in the Wholesale setup series.

1. Hover your mouse over Design.

2. Click to select Menus.

3. Hover your mouse over the menu you wuold like to add the link to, then click on the Cogwheel icon. In this guide, the 'Quick Links' menu is chosen, which is generally displayed in the Footer (bottom) of your website. If you want to add this to your Main navigation bar (top menu), do this process for 'Main'.

4. Click to select Manage items.

5. Click the + symbol to add a new menu item.

NOTE: You MUST also put a name in the 'Link text' field - Name this menu item 'Wholesale Application Form'. 

6. Under Generate submenu, select the 'Page' radio button.

7. Click on the + symbol. 

8. Click on the radio button for 'Wholesale Application Form'.

9. Click 'Choose'.

10. Select (check) the checkbox labelled Use "Link text" and "URL" values from the selected item.

11. Click Create.

End result for Quick Links in Footer of Website:

End result for Main navigation bar:

For information on how to rearrange your Menu Items, follow this guide (will open in a new tab/window): Article to be created.

Link: Proceed to Step 4 - Providing discounts to your Wholesale users

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