Adding an image to your Content/Category page

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Last updated: 06 Feb, 2014

This article will explain how to add an image into a content or category page in your eShop 4.0.

IMPORTANT:  Before uploading any images to your website, ensure that your images have been optimised for website usage.  For more information for this, please view this knowledgebase article (will open in a new tab/window):  How and Why you need to optimise your images for your website and image sizing recommendations

1.  Navigate to the page/category you want to add an image amongst the content.

2.  Click where amongst your content you want to add this image to.  Then click Insert/Edit Image.

3.  Click the Browse icon.

4.  Click 'New folder' to create a New folder.

5.  Name your folder.

6.  Click to select the folder you want to view.

7.  Click 'Open' (or alternatively, double click on the folder to be taken into the folder).

NOTE: Inside a folder, if you want to go up a level (back to the folder BEFORE the currently open folder), click on the folder with ".." as the name.

8.  Click on the Upload files icon.  

9.  Click on Browse... 

10.  Click to select the image you want to upload.

11.  Click Open. (Alternatively, double click the image to skip this step).

12.  Click Ok to upload the image to your website.

13.  Click to select the image you have uploaded.

14.  Click 'Select file' (alternatively, double click the image to skip this step).

NOTE: If you do not add an Image Description and Title, Google may penalise your website (by a tiny amount) so get in the habit of adding an Image Description and Title to each of the images you use on Content and Category page content areas.

15.  Add an Image Description.  

16.  Add a Title.  These can be the same, and often are.  

If you do not need to align the image, you can stop here, and click Save.  

17.  Click the image to select it.

18.  If you want to align the image to be Right Aligned so that the text flows to the left of the image and then below it, choose right aligned from the icons.  

19.  Review your work, and once you're happy with it, click Save to continue editing the page, or click Save and close to be taken back to the Pages or Category List (depending on what you were editing, eg, editing a category, clicking save and close will take you back to the category list).  

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