Set up PayPal Pro (Credit Card payments On the checkout)

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Last updated: 12 Feb, 2015

To set up your eShop 4.0 with PayPal Pro:

First, you will need a "PayPal Business" account with PayPal (Personal Premier works fine too).  Please note that you need to Apply for PayPal Pro and it comes at the cost of around $25 per month paid to PayPal for this functionality.  Once you've received confirmation of your PayPal Pro application being successful, follow the below. 

Log in to your PayPal account and then follow the below instructions after youv'e logged into your PayPal Account:

1. Click on Tools.

2. Click on API Access.

3 Click on Go to API Access.

4. Click on Request API credentials.

5.  Click Agree and Submit.

6. Copy and paste the details below into a word or notepad document as we'll need them shortly.  Once you've got them copied, go ahead and click Done. 

Log into your eShop4's Administration Panel, then do the below. 

7 & 8.  Navigate to Administration > Payment Methods.

9.  Click on the + symbol.

10.  In the Name field, enter in Credit Card (almost none of your customers are going to know what 'PayPal Pro' is so just call it Credit Card). 

11.  In the Processor field, click on the downwards pointing arrow to see a list of all the available payment gateways (international, most don't apply to us!).

12.  Scroll down until you find the PayPal items.

13.  Choose PayPal Pro.

14.  Use the image below to find which information goes where and what settings you need to choose to set this up correctly. You should have the information on the left copied into a notepad or word document to allow you to easily copy and paste these across. 

NOTE: You should Not do anything with 'Certificate filename' as we're using the Signature method, not the Certificate method. 

15.  Once done, go ahead and click Create

16. Don't forget to double check the payment method works after setting it up!  Any issues, get in touch with us at support@magicdust.com.au

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