How to set up a product in a multiple storefronts website and assign it to a particular storefront

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2015

This guide will explain how to set up a product in a website which has been developed to have multiple storefronts running from the same admin panel.

1. First, if you're not already in All Stores, up the top left, click and change it to All Stores

2.  Hover your mouse over Products in the menu bar.

3.  Choose Products from the drop down list of options. 

4. Click on the '+' symbol to create a new product. 

5. Enter in the Product name.

6.  Choose the storefront which the product is most relevant to.  By default, this will be set to the first storefront created. 

6.1 If this is not the correct storefront, click on this area and choose from a list of the other available storefronts you can assign it to be managed by.  

Here are some guidelines to use when deciding which storefront your product should be managed by:
A)  If the product is only in one storefront, then it should be assigned to the only storefront the product will be shown in.  
B)  If the product is in two or more storefronts, then it should be assigned to the first of the available storefronts that it is going to be sold in. 

In this example, this product is only going to be shown in the 'Magicdust Secondary Storefront', so that storefront is chosen from the available storefronts list.  

7.  Next, you need to assign the product to the category or categories that the product will show in.  Click on '+ Add categories'. 

8.  The resulting page will show you a list of all of your storefronts, along with their categories and sub categories listed below them.  Choose the category or categories from which storefront (or storefronts) you want your product to be sold in. 
In this example, we want the product to only show in the 'Magicdust Secondary Storefront'.

9.  As shown in the below image, in this example we want the product to be shown in the category named 'Sub Category 1' of only the Magicdust Secondary Storefront. 

10.  Check the checkbox(es) for the required category/categories.

11.  Click 'Add categories and close'.

After you've filled in the details of your product and assigned the product to the relevant storefront or storefronts, fill out any of the relevant fields below you need to set up the product. 

Once done, click 'Create' to save your changes and take you back to the editing side of the product you just created, or 'Create and close' if you want to save your changes and then be taken back to the 'Products' list. 

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