How to add a content page to the top menu in a multiple storefront website

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2015

This guide will explain how to add a content page to the related storefront's top menu. 

1.  First, you need to be in the storefront you want to make the menu change(s) to.  If you're not, click on where you see the name of one of your storefronts (shown below).   This will display a list with the names of each of your storefronts. 

2.  In the drop down menu list of options, choose the storefront name you want to edit the top menu of.

In this example, we want to add a page named About Us to the top menu but only for the Magicdust Secondary Storefront.

3.  Once you are in the storefront you wish to edit, find Design in the top right menu and hover your mouse over it.

4.  Choose Menus from the drop down list of options.

5. Hover over the menu and the cogwheel icon shown in the below image - click on it.

6.  Choose Manage items from the drop down list of options.

7.  On this page, take note of the Pos. column.  This is the Position column; the numbers determine the ordering of the items in the menu starting at 0 or the smallest number (being the first item) and going up to the highest number. 

In this example, we are going to place the About Us page in between the Products and My Account menu items, therefore the number must be higher than 15 but lower than 25 otherwise there may be conflicts in how they are ordered. 

8.  Click on the '+' symbol to add a new item to the menu.

9.   Enter in the Name of the page as you want it to appear in the menu.

10.  Enter in the positioning number into the Pos. field.  In this example, we're going to enter in 20 which will place this between the Products and My Account menu items.

11.  Select the Page radio button to allow you to select a page from your available list of pages.

12.  Tick the checkbox for Use the "Link text" and "URL" values from this item in the storefront.  This makes your job easier by not needing to know the URL of the page (eg, http://magicdustdemo.com.au/about-us.html) and if you change the page URL at any point, the URL will be kept up to date and link successfully. 

13.  Click on the '+' symbol.

14.  Select the radio button of the page you want to add to the menu from the list of the available pages.

15.  Once you've selected the correct page, click Choose.

16.  Double check the details shown on this page and once done, click Create.

Once you've clicked create, you can double check your menu item will show in the correct position in the menu by locating the newly added page in your menu.  In the below, you can see About Us has been successfully added in between Products and My Account.

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