Sharing a content page across multiple storefronts

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2015

This guide will explain how to allow a content page which you've already set up on one storefront to be shared on your other storefront(s). 

The benefits of doing this are:

  • Good Housekeeping - Reduces the amount of pages shown in your admin panel. Reduces clutter.
  • Flexibility - You can have the same content shown on all of your storefronts, or have the content be different on each storefront. 

1.  First, if you're not already in All Stores, up the top left, click on where you see one of your storefront names. This will show you a list starting with All stores and then lists your storefront names.

2.  Choose All stores from the drop down list of options.

3.  Once you're in the correct storefront, hover your mouse over Website. 

4.  Choose Content from the drop down list of options.

5.  Click on the name of the page you want to edit. 

In this example, we're making the About Us page, which we set up on the Magicdust Primary Storefront to be available on the Magicdust Secondary Storefront. 

6.  Once you are in the page that you would like to edit, click on the Share tab.

7.  On this tab, you'll see the storefront(s) that the page is currently accessible on.  To share the page across other storefront(s) click on the Add stores button.

8.  On this page, tick the checkboxes for the storefront(s) you want this page to also be available on.  Anything you select here will be added to the list of storefronts the page is already shared on (shown in step 7 above). 

That is, since the Magicdust Primary Storefront is already listed in the Share tab, you do not need to tick the checkbox for the Magicdust Primary Storefront on this page.  Since we want the About Us page to also be shared on the Magicdust Secondary Storefront, we would tick the appropriate checkbox. 

9.  Once you're done selecting the additional storefront(s) to share this page on, click on Add stores and close.

10.  You will then be shown the Share tab again with a list of all the storefront(s) you've chosen to have the page be shared on.  Double check you've selected the correct storefront(s) then click Save. 

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