How to share an already existing product across multiple storefronts

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2015

This guide will explain how to share a product which already exists so that it is shown in multiple storefronts instead of just in one storefront.

The benefits of doing this are:

  • Centralised inventory management - Manage your products' stock levels across all storefronts from the one product.  This saves time and prevents you having to locate all versions of the same product and updating their stock levels on a storefront by storefront basis. 
  • Time efficiency - You can have the same product shown across your multiple storefronts, yet you only have to set the product up once (instead of once per storefront).
  • Flexible - You can have the price, name, category/categories and description be different on each storefront. 
  • Good housekeeping - Reduces the amount of products shown in your admin panel.  This reduces clutter.

1. First, if you're not already in All Stores up the top left corner in the top blue bar, click and choose All Stores from the drop down list of options. 

2.  Hover your mouse over Products in the top menu bar.

3.  Choose Products from the drop down list of options. 

4.  From your products list, choose the product you want to share across multiple storefronts.

First, take note of the currently allocated category or categories and the storefront associated with that product. 

In this example, this product is currently allocated to the category of Bikes within the Magicdust Primary Storefront.  We want this product to be shared so it can be shown on both the Magicdust Primary Storefront and the Magicdust Secondary Storefront. 

5.  Click on Add categories. 

The resulting page will display in a long list the storefronts and the respective categories that exist within that storefront. 

In this example, we need to select the Bikes subcategory from within the Magicdust Secondary Storefront so that it is able to be accessed on both storefronts.  The product is then accessible on both the Primary and the Secondary storefronts within the Bikes subcategory.

6.  Tick the checkbox for the category or categories from within the storefront(s) you want to display this product in, in addition to the category or categories that were shown earlier.

7.  Click Add categories and close.

8.  Click on Save to save your changes. 

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