Set up an email account on Outlook 2011 (Mac)

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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2015

This tutorial shows you how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2011 (for Mac/Apple computers and laptops) to receive emails from your email account. 

This guide starts after any required setup of the program itself has completed. 

1.  Click on Outlook from the top menu.

2.  Choose Preferences from the drop down list of options.

3.  Click on Accounts.

4.  Click on the + symbol down the bottom left of this window. 

5.  Choose Email Account from the drop down list of options.

6.  Enter in your details. 

E-mail Address
Enter your e-mail address.

Enter the password for your EMAIL account. (This is on the Confirmation Letter you recieved from Magicdust when your website was handed over to you.  If you do not know your password and cannot find this document, email us on admin@magicdust.com.au requesting this and we will resend it to you via email.)

User Name
Enter your username for your email account. Your User name is the email address you entered in above. 

Select POP.

Incoming server
Your incoming server is mail.websitename.com.au  where websitename is replaced with your actual website name.   For example, if your website URL is http://bobsburgers.com.au, then your incoming mail server would be mail.bobsburgers.com.au.  Another example, http://www.tonyspizzeria.com would be mail.tonyspizzeria.com

Outgoing server

Your outgoing mail server is the same as your Incoming server.

Override default port - Checked

Use SSL to connect (recommended) - Checked

Change the number field to the right of Outgoing server to 465.  

7.  Click on Add Account once you've double checked your details.

8.  We recommend changing some details here to make things easier to manage.

Account description

Change this to Your Name or the Email Address the account is associated with.  For example, for the email address bob@bobsburgers.com.au, you may want to enter in Bob or bob@bobsburgers.com.au so you can easily identify what email account you're working in.

Full name
Enter your first and last name as you would like it to appear to those receiving your emails.  Some people like to add a hyphen and then their company name, for example, "Bob - Bobs Burgers".  This way, when people receive emails from you, it'll be clear which Bob you are and which company you're from. 

9.  Click on the More Options... button located directly below the Outgoing server details. 

10.  Click on the Authentication drop down menu and choose Use Incoming Server Info from the drop down list of options. 

11.  Click OK. 

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