Activate Real Time Shipping through Australia Post (Regular/Express Parcels, Air/Sea Mail)

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Last updated: 13 Nov, 2013

The Magicdust eShop 4.0 system is already integrated successfully with the Australia Post rate calculator.  It calculates the costs to ship orders based on your company post code (Set in Settings > Company), the purchasing customers' post code (or Country for International shipping), and the total weight of the order and uses the calculated price when the customer is checking out or viewing the items in their cart. 

Note: Domestically, you should only need to use the Regular and Express Parcels options, as Sea Mail and Air Mail are international shipping methods. 

1.  To activate the required methods, navigate to Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Shipping Methods.

2.  On this page, hover over the name of the shipping method you want to activate.  First, enter in your Delivery time, this is recommended as customers will see this at the checkout stage when choosing the shipping method to use if they have more than one option. Once you're done editing the Delivery times for the methods you wish to use, click Save

3.  After your page has refreshed after clicking Save, go ahead and set the status of the methods to active.  Click on where you see the text 'Disabled' and then when the menu shows up, choose Active.  (Note: You do Not need to click save after choosing active).

4.  It's important after setting up your Shipping Methods to ensure that they are calculating correctly.  Create a test product with the weights of 0.5kg, 1kg and 2.5kg.  Then, add each one separately to your cart (as if you were a customer using the website).  Check the cost to ship from your post code to a different states' post code, and check the price against the same weight and post codes in the Australia Post rate calculator: http://auspost.com.au/apps/postage-calculator.html and if there are any discrepancies, please contact support@magicdust.com.au with your scenarios and we can look into this for you. 

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