Setting up the eWAY Payment Gateway

To set up your eShop 4.0 with eWAY:

1.  In the administration panel, go to Administration > Payment methods, then click on eWAYto begin editing. 

2.  Click on the 'Configure' tab.

3.  Fill in the following fields:

Client ID - enter the eWAY ID number.

Order prefix - any prefix you want invoice IDs to have on eWAY site (optional field) (for instance, mycart). Using the prefix allows to prevent duplicate invoice IDs in case you use the same eWAY account for accepting payment from several websites (eg, eBay, Amazon).

Click the Save button to save the changes.

4.  Activate the payment method by clicking where you see 'Disabled' and selecting 'Active' from the resulting drop down menu. 

5.  Double check the payment method works!  Do a test order to yourself - you will need to pay using your Credit Card.  It's recommended to do this with a test product with the cost of $1. Create a new product named test product with the cost of $1, and give the product free shipping.  For information on how to set up a test product with or without free shipping, click here for instructions. 

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Last updated: 14 Nov, 2013
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