Create a new basic product

To create a new basic product with no extra features, options, etc. in your eShop 4.0 website, follow the below.  For more complex product setups, view the Products section of the eShop4.0 knowledgebase located here

1.  Navigate to Products > Products.

2.  Click the + symbol to create a new product. 

3.  For a basic product, you only need to fill in the sections shown below. 

Name:  Name of the product.

Categories:  You will need to add the product to at least one category (explained below).  You can add a product to many categories and/or sub-categories. 

First, click 'Add categories'.  In the resulting pop up page, select the checkboxes of the category/categories/subcategories you want this product to be displayed in.  Once you're done selecting which categories you want your product to be displayed in, click 'Add categories and close'.

Price:  The actual price that customers will be paying you for the product. 

Full Description:  Enter in your product description into this section.  You can add images into this section if you wish. 

Images: Click 'Local' to upload an image from your computer.  Please ensure when uploading images to your website, that you ensure that the images are optimised for website browsing. Optimised images help keep website load speeds fast, reduce the disk space used by your website and reduce your bandwith usage which helps keep your hosting costs down.

Once you've done this section, scroll down past the below image to continue editing the common sections for a basic product.

4.  In the Pricing / Inventory section, you will likely want to enter in your Product Code, the quantity of stock you have on hand and determine whether this product should have GST associated with it. 

CODE:  Enter in your Product Code here.  Eg, PROD123

List Price:  Read this as 'RRP' (Recommended Retail Price).  It is not used in this example, but enter in the price people would 'usually' pay for this product.  The Price you entered in above is the actual price people will pay for the item.

In Stock:  Set this to the current stock level you have. 

GST (checkbox): If this product needs to have GST associated with it, check the box.  If it's not GST taxable, leave this unchecked. 

5.  If you plan on managing your shipping of products through Weight based shipping or through Australia Post real time (automatically calculating method), you must enter in the weight of the product.  To do this, click on the 'Shipping Properties' tab. If you do not plan on using either of those shipping methods, you can skip this step, though it's not recommended.

Enter in the weight of the product in kilograms (to two decimal places). Examples:   1kg = 1.00  |   500grams = 0.50   |   50grams = 0.05

6.  After clicking Create, check your work by clicking the Cogwheel icon and selecting 'Preview' to view the product you created as your customers will see it. 

For more complex product setups, view the Products section of the eShop4.0 knowledgebase located here

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Last updated: 27 Dec, 2013
eShop 4.0 -> Products -> Create a new basic product